• qWhat is LetMeCharge?

    We are a company that unites all your charging solutions to offer the best user experience and promote electric mobility. From the installation of charging points either at home or for companies, to the management of public charging through our app.

  • qHow do I request a quote to install a charger in my home?

    From the Contact menu on the website, there is access to the form to request a quote.

    If you need more information, you can also write to us at charger@letmecharge.net or call us or contact us by WhatsApp on the phone 619 141 928.

  • qAre the chargers compatible with my vehicle?

    LetMeCharge offers Veltium chargers, which have been designed in compliance with all standards, regulations and requirements of automotive brands, and are compatible with all electric vehicle models on the market. Just make sure to order it with the connector type that suits your particular car.

  • qHow do I register in the App?

    Download the app from the App store or Play store, fill in the fields and create a password. While you will need an account when you want to recharge, you can explore our application features without one.

  • qHow do I locate public charging stations?

    Through the LetMeCharge app, download it and you will have access to all integrated charging points.

  • qHow do I contact technical support?

    You can do it through our email charger@letmecharge.net or call us or contact us by WhatsApp on the phone 619 141 928.

  • qHow to start public recharge?

    From the app, when you select your desired charger and click on Charge, its details will appear. Select the corresponding connector and start the recharge, it's that easy!

  • qHow do I pay for my public recharge?

    Enter your payment method and select your shipper. You will see the option to "Charge" in a dropdown, where you must continue until you are prompted to pay. Pay with two clicks from Apple or Google pay.

  • qWhat type of charger does my car need?

    Consult the manufacturer or the vehicle manual.

    The types of connectors that exist are:


    TYPE 1: This is a single-phase plug that is usually used in American and Asian vehicles. Its charging power is up to 7,4 kW, always depending on the power supply network and the charging power of the plug itself.

    MENNEKES TYPE 2: These are three-phase plugs, i.e. they use three conductors to carry the electricity to your vehicle. This allows you to charge your car faster. In homes, the maximum charging power is 22 kW and, in the public charging network, this power increases to 43 kW. This type of charger is very common in Europe.


    CHAdeMO: This type of charger allows very high charging powers, as well as the possibility of bidirectional charging. Its maximum charging power is 100 kW. It was developed in Japan.

    CCS: It is very similar to AC type 2, but improved with its two additional contacts to be able to use fast charging. It is compatible with both AC and DC currents. Its maximum charging power is 350 kW.

  • qHow long does it take to charge my EV?

    Charging time will vary depending on the type of charge and the vehicle's autonomy. A domestic (AC) charge can take 4 to 8 hours. With fast charging your vehicle can have an 80% charge in as little as 30 minutes.

  • qHow much does it cost to charge my EV?

    The price per kWh ranges from €0.15 to €0.75, depending on the time of day. It may also vary depending on the energy supplier, so it is advisable to consult the prices of each supplier.

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