Your Sustainable, Safe and Connected Mobility

LetMeCharge unifies all charging solutions to facilitate and encourage the use of electric vehicles.

“The concern of running out of battery and not being able to charge their car is the main reason for drivers not to choose an electric vehicle. To eliminate these concerns and get more electric cars on the road, we founded LetMeCharge”.

Uliana Torkunova,

CEO of LetMeCharge


All charging stations in one single app

Find the best charger according to your necessities and the characteristics of your car among over 1600 charging points from 17 suppliers

Plan your route automatically

Make sure to get to your destination with our route planner (in development). Our route manager is responsible for booking the charging points automatically, according to your trip’s necessities.

Your safety is our priority

Thanks to the virtual assistant Alexa you will be able to look for the closest charger using voice commands.

Your car regulates the recharge

If your car is connected with the Next Smart Car technology, our smart recommendations engine will guide you to the closest charger; as long as your battery level is low.

Book, charge and pay from your phone

We give you access to over 1.600 charging points (and growing), where you can book and pay from one single app.

Download our app for free and charge everywhere